CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is that component of a personal computer or a hosting server which performs each of the calculations. Every CPU operates at a specific speed and the bigger it is, the speedier everything shall be processed, so when you host resource-demanding web applications on a server, for instance, a quick processor shall allow them to be performed faster, which will greatly contribute to the whole user experience. The modern generations of CPUs have two and more cores, each operating at a particular speed to ensure a much better and speedier performance. This sort of architecture enables the processor to handle various processes concurrently or a number of cores to manage 1 process if it requires more computing power to be performed. However, additional factors including the amount of RAM or the connection a given hosting server uses may also affect the overall performance of the websites hosted on it.

CPU Share in VPS Hosting

All Linux VPS hosting that we offer come with guaranteed CPU quotas. The figures fluctuate based on the plan which you’ve selected during the signup process. We provide a number of different plans, which will allow you to opt for the configuration which you need with regards to processing power and cost. Just several VPS accounts share the system resources of powerful physical servers with CPUs working at 3.0+ GHz, so your share will be guaranteed and shall be readily available at all times, no matter what the other virtual accounts are using at any given time. This also permits us to guarantee that if you choose to upgrade to a higher-end package deal, there will be enough system resources. This option is available inside the billing CP and the supplemental CPU quota will be added on top of your present account. The procedure is very easy and getting more processing power for your websites shall take just several clicks.

CPU Share in Dedicated Web Hosting

Our dedicated server packages provide various hardware configurations, so, based on what you need the server for and on your budget, you can choose the suitable one for you. Apart from the different RAM and disk space allocations, each plan comes with different CPU shares too. The CPUs which we offer you have 2-12 cores, so you are able to choose the package that will suit your requirements best. With the most powerful plan, every single application that you run on the web server shall run extremely fast no matter what resources it needs and irrespective of how many people are using it at the same time, but even the lower-end packages are suitable for most sorts of Internet sites. The functionality of the CPUs is tested together with all the other hardware elements, in order to guarantee that the hosting server which we will hand over to you will work faultlessly and at top capacity all of the time.