With the Domain Name Manager incorporated within the Website Control Panel, you will be able to look after your domain names effortlessly, within the same location you command your sites. And also our Domain Name Manager is filled with all the tools you will need in order to effectively deal with every aspect of your domains.

Multi– Domain Name Administration

Your domain names in one location

By employing the Gmail LK Website Control Panel, you are able to focus on numerous sites and domains simultaneously. Gmail LK’s Domain Name Manager makes it easy to control all the various attributes of your domain names – WHOIS information, name servers, customized DNS records, domain name locking, etc. Also you can park infinite number of domains, reroute domain names, switch on Domain Privacy Protection, and much more.

With just a click of the mouse, you are able to maintain your websites’ files, databases, e–mail accounts, or look at the current web site stats.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Be in charge of all types of DNS records

Inside the Website Control Panel, you will see a solution to create numerous DNS records for your personal domains. You can actually forward your domain names to external servers by using A or AAAA records, use third party mail web servers by way of MX records, put in place domain re–direction along with CNAME records, allow support for additional services using TXT records, etc. You’ll be able to customize the set up DNS records and also revert them to their standard values with just a mouse click.

Beyond the specialized DNS records, you could also register name servers that can be based upon your domain. As a result all of your customers will find your brand, instead of our universal name servers, once they make a WHOIS search.

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Parking

Park unlimited number of domain names

If you want a domain but do not have a site for it to date, you’ll be able to register it and then park it up to the point your website is all set to go online. Domain Parking enables you to get hold of engaging domain names and set them on the internet by making usage of defaulting web pages produced by our system. You can choose between an ’Under Construction’ page as well as a "for sale" page. Alternatively, you’re able to in the short term point the domain name to another web site.

Once the web site for your domain is ready, you unpark your domain name with a mouse click and your web site will become online at once!

Hepsia File Manager